Are you looking for education for yourself or your agency? We have complied a list of groups who offer first responder and healthcare worker specific courses. Please follow the links to learn more about a particular course.

The Code Green Campaign – We offer a CECBEMS approved continuing education class on mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The class can be taught live online or live in person.

QPR institute – Firefighter/EMS suicide prevention course. They also offer train-the-trainer classes for people who want to host a live class.

Emotional Trauma Life Support – (In development) – A 16 hour course designed to help first responders address potentially emotionally traumatic situations and give them the tools to manage those situations.

Mental Health First Aid – Course designed to teach people how to recognize the signs of mental illness and substance abuse, and how to encourage people to get help.

Safe Call Now – Non-profit run by first responders, for first responders. They host in person classes aimed at reducing the stigma and providing peer support.

Tema Conter Memorial Trust – Canadian resource for first responders that offers classes in training and peer support.

Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance – A non-profit aimed at educating first responders about behavioral health issues and reducing suicide. They offer different workshops on education and suicide prevention.

Share The Load – Run by the National Volunteer Fire Council, this program has several courses and webinars available aimed at educating responders on how to deal with some of the job specific stresses we face.

Peer Support Central – A training and consulting service that provides first responder specific classes on peer support and wellness programs.

LEOTTA – Offers a “Stress and the Telecommunicator” course. This course will assist students in identifying the different types of stress that affect professional telecommunicators and explain the causes, signs and symptoms of these stressors

911 Training Institute/911 Wellness foundation – Founded by a licensed psychologist with experience in EMDR. His organizations provide stress and resiliency education to dispatchers and other first responders.

Vital Hearts: The Resiliency Training Initiative – A 501(c)3 charitable organization whose mission is caring for care-providers.  Secondary or vicarious trauma is a significant, although hidden problem for those in our society who treat the emotionally traumatized.  Their program, the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training offers a comprehensive approach to Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue.

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation – The developer of the official CISM/CISD program. They offer a wide variety of classes and seminars on becoming CISM/CISD trained and putting together a CISM/CISD team.

Simon Fraser University First Responder Trauma Management Program – Burnaby, B.C. – A part time program comprised of both hands-on and online courses. The goal of the program is to help first responders mitigate the impact of traumatic events in their own lives and offer support to their colleagues.

LivingWorks’ Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training – A two-day interactive workshop in suicide first aid. ASIST teaches participants to recognize when someone may have thoughts of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety.

Public Safety/Peer Support/First Responder Coach App – Android/Apple app that provides information on providing peer support, including definitions, examples, and steps to take along with information for professional referrals, including locations, web sites, and phone numbers.
First Responder Support Network – Offers basic and advanced peer support training.