Code Green Chat

Code Green Chat is a service provided by The Code Green Campaign giving first responders an anonymous place to connect and discuss shared experiences.

CG chat is not a therapeutic or crisis service. It is not a substitute for mental health care from a licensed clinician.

Everyone who registers for CG chat will be required to provide verification in order to access the forums. This ensures that everyone accessing CG chat has a valid reason to be there. It also allows us to give people access to forums specific to their circumstances.




FAQ about Code Green Chat

1. Who is allowed to be a member of Code Green Chat

Verified first responders, and associated professions. Including, but not limited to, EMS, firefighters, law enforcement, dispatchers, search & rescue, occupational medicine, flight medics/RNs, dive rescue, etc.

We plan to add an option for family members in the future once we have worked out the kinks.

2. Who can see the forums, threads, and posts here?

Guests are unable to see anything on Code Green Chat. Once an account has been approved by the mods people can see the “Administrative – How Code Green Chat Works” forum and reply to the threads posted in it. They are given this ability so we can work with them to get their account verified. Once a user has submitted their verification information they are given access to the forums relevant to them.

We have also turned off several features on the forum to improve privacy. The forums do not show who is currently online, who is currently viewing what forum, or who is currently viewing what thread.

3. How do users become verified?

In order to be verified you must PM the following information to the User Verification account. You can find information on how to contact the account in the Verification Information thread once you have registered.

1. Real name
2. Location, including city and state.
3. Proof of first responder status (current or former).

A. Image of your certification
B. Link to online record of certification
C. Screenshot of online record of certification
D. Copy of your work ID
E. Copy of your badge
F. Other official document that has both your name and employer’s name on it.

4. Your current position (field employee, dispatcher, RN, supervisor, etc)
5. How you heard about Code Green Chat.

4. What are you going to do with the verification information I give you?

Look at it, ask you to clarify if we have have any questions, let you know what specialized forums you’re allowed to get access too and ask you if you want access to them (such as forums just for firefighters, or a just for people in Michigan).

5. Am I required to use my real name as my username?

NO! You can use whatever you want as your username as long as it’s not racist, homophobic, etc. Our goal with CG chat is to allow you to have as much anonymity as desired.

6. Why use a forum instead of something easy like Facebook?

Privacy. The main reason Code Green Chat is set up as a forum is for privacy. The forum format allows for people to register using an anonymous user name, but still be verified by the Code Green admins. It also means that your identity here is not tied to your social media accounts at all. Both of these allow for more privacy. A forum also allows for multiple sub-forums and better organization of topics so threads and posts won’t get lost as easily.

7. What happens if someone breaks the rules or is a jackass?

Users will get warnings for rule breaking behavior and can eventually get banned if they prove to be a repeat offender. Users who share screenshots, copy and paste content, or engage in doxing will be banned and blacklisted from using some of Code Green’s other programs, such as the treatment scholarship program.