• MrJason

    I wouldn’t dare say you are a loser. What you did it what we all fear in ourselves. This doesn’t excuse your coworkers but I am fairly certain they avoided you because they would have to face their own frailty. Those other issues we bury deep. The realization we could do what you have done. Your coworkers didn’t turn on you. They ran away in fear. It’s truly a paradox. We expect people in this line of work to be courageous and endure its hardships of what we see, do, the hours, etc. Then we are complete cowards when it comes to what it does to us. I am glad you are alive.

  • Diana

    I felt the same way when I was diagnosed and left my company with depression and suicidal thoughts. I’ve come to realize certain things about it. First, looking at us reminds our co-workers they are not invincible; that if it can happen to us, it CAN happen to them. It’s too overwhelming for most of them. Secondly, some are already at the edge and fighting it, seeing someone they care about in pain (worse yet, running a call on them) adds another gust of wind to their back. Which is why I decided if I took my own life I’d do it in another county. And third, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately. Not that they don’t care, but they are burdened down with so much life and work and you are not in their face anymore. Thank you for telling your story now. What a life we’ve all built for ourselves.