Submissions from this form are not monitored and it should not be used to ask for help, support or advice.

Are you a first responder who has experienced stress, trauma, or mental health issues? Or are you a family member of a first responder who has struggled? We welcome you to submit your story so others can see that they are not alone and other first responders have had similar experiences. Story submissions are 100% anonymous unless you chose to share your personal information. Stories that are submitted are shared in random order on most Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays on our website and social media.

Guidelines for stories: While stories can be any length, stories shorter than 2 paragraphs have the least amount of page views. Our submission form does not allow you to save your work, so we suggest you write it in a word processor first so that if you need to take a break and then go back to writing you don’t risk losing your work. Please avoid using “text speak”, medical abbreviations, or jargon that may make your story hard to understand by people who do not work as first responders. Stories are read by many friends and family members, so it is important that everyone can understand them. By avoiding these things, you save us a lot of time and stress editing. Thanks!

Thank you!