Board of Directors

President: Ann Marie Farina

Ann Marie is one of the founders of Code Green and is the driving force behind the campaign. Ann Marie helped develop the idea for Code Green after the suicide of a coworker in March of 2014. One thing lead to another, and Code Green was born.

Born and raised in rural Alaska to a firefighting family. She has worked in a variety of EMS positions since 2003. She attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks where she obtained her Paramedic certification in 2006. While in Alaska she worked as a rural transport EMT, a wildland fire medic, an oilfield medic, and a volunteer firefighter. From 2009 to 2016 Ann Marie worked as a full time field Paramedic in Spokane, WA for the 911 transport agency. In spring of 2016 she took a break from working in the field in order to focus on Code Green full time. She also worked part time for EMSconnect, writing entertaining and sometimes slightly inappropriate continuing education for EMS providers.

In addition to being the President of the board, Ann Marie serves Code Green in a number of positions. She is also the treasurer, acting executive director, graphic designer, website admin, Facebook admin, and general jack-of-all trades. Ann Marie also serves on the EMS1 Editorial Advisory Board. If she had free time she would spend it at the gym and using her camera for something besides a paperweight.

You can reach Ann Marie at

Board member Kyle NorrisVice-President: Kyle Norris

Kyle is one of the other founders of Code Green. He started in EMS in 2000 as a volunteer firefighter in Bentonville, VA. He attended Northern Virginia Community College and received his paramedic certification in early 2004. After receiving his paramedic certification he worked for a suburban fire department. Kyle moved to Texas later in 2004. While in Texas he has worked as a firefighter/paramedic, a flight paramedic, and in various single role paramedic positions. Starting in 2012 he began working in management, and has been employed in a variety of clinical management positions. Kyle currently works as a full-time flight medic.

Kyle’s interest in mental health and EMS came from his own diagnosis of depression and PTSD. In the process of seeking treatment he learned of the number of EMS providers who struggle with these demons on a daily basis. He feels that helping others has been a boon to his own treatment because no one should have to go through this alone.

Kyle married his wife Misty in July of 2014. They have five kids, two cats, a dog, and a goat, 2 goats, 4 goats. In his spare time Kyle enjoys gardening, woodworking, shooting, and watching Doctor Who.  

Secretary: Fiona Thomas

Fiona Thomas has over 15 years of experience as a paramedic and first responder in Central Texas, where she currently works for Austin-Travis County EMS, serves on the Honor Guard, and the peer support team. She lives in the country with a menagerie and entirely too much garden space.

Fiona serves as the other main admin of the Code Green Facebook page, and is our primary statistics person. She’s also the southern half of our instructor base for our mental wellness course. Fiona is the reason coffee was invented, and no, you can’t have her cup. It’s hers. Don’t even ask.

Fiona’s passions include mentoring and educating future EMS providers, photography, and editing fiction novels. She is owned by several rather over-sized Maine Coon cats and a large pack of dogs. All of whom think she spends too much time on the computer and not enough time paying attention to them. Fiona is also known by her maiden name of Fiona Campbell.

You can reach Fiona at

Board member Lau Morrison, PsyDOfficer: Dr. Lau Morrison

Laura (Lau) Kompel Morrison has been involved in the field of EMS for over ten years. During that time she has worked as an EMT in the Greater Boston Area. She also worked in communications as a dispatcher and at Tufts Medical Center’s emergency room. Lau has also worked as an EMT instructor for the Northeastern University Emergency Medical Services program. While at Tufts, Lau was elected Director of Education for Tufts University’s EMS.

Lau graduated from Tufts University with a bachelor’s degree in Child Development. In 2010 Lau began working toward a doctorate degree in psychology at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP). In 2012, Lau received a Master of Arts in Professional Psychology from MSPP and in 2014 she graduated as a Doctor of Psychology.

For her doctoral dissertation, Lau investigated the relationship between stress and health among EMTs. By taking a closer look at post-traumatic stress symptomatology, coping styles, and world assumptions, Lau has dedicated much of her time to help those within the field of EMS receive the support they need to remain healthy and to bring awareness to this understudied population.

Born in Argentina and raised in urban Miami Lau has a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. She is bilingual, which has been an added asset in her work both in the emergency medicine and in the mental health fields. At MSPP, Lau incorporated her passion for cultural diversity and for the field of EMS. As part of a concentration in Latino Mental Health, Lau traveled to Costa Rica during the summer of 2011 where she provided psychological screenings and crisis interventions to underserved populations. Lau currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she is working a Team Lead for a Institute for Mental Disease Step-Down program that she assisted in developing.

2015EasterJumay3798Officer: Sarah Mielke

Sarah has been in public safety since 2005, working as a FF/EMT in a small Washington town. After moving to Cleveland, Ohio in late 2008 she worked as an EMT. During this time she obtained her paramedic certification through the Cleveland Clinic EMS Academy in 2011. In 2013 she moved back to the Pacific Northwest. In 2014 she began pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in paramedicine at Central Washington University.

Sarah is the founder of the Emotional Trauma Life Support™ program, which she developed after observing the lack of education in grief support and death notification for emergency responders. During this process, Sarah found that the same principles she used to teach death notifications applied just as well to responders trying to deal with the trauma created by things they see and respond to in the field.

Sarah has spent 15 years dealing with long-term complex PTSD. Sarah has also lived through extended periods of being actively suicidal.  Additionally she has been on both sides of providing death notifications and grief support. Having lived through it, survived, and slowly rebuilt her life, she is now an educator and researcher who is well aware of how significantly these issues can impact providers.

Her passion is to educate on the how and why of emotional trauma and to try to save others from having to struggle through the battles alone and unaided. Sarah has since completed dual Bachelor degrees in Paramedicine and Psychology. She lives in northwestern Washington State, where she finds her therapy in the outdoors – hiking, camping, and sailing whenever she can.