This page contains our financial and organizational disclosure paperwork. We feel that it is important to disclose all applicable information to our donors. As a public charity the public deserves to know how our income is being used and how our organization operates.

The IRS granted The Code Green Campaign® tax-exempt status functioning as a public charity under section 501(c)(3). Any donations made to Code Green after April 3rd, 2014 are tax deductible. Our Federal I.D. number for donations is #46-5739098. The earliest year financial information is available for Code Green is 2014.


The Code Green Campaign Bylaws

Conflict of Interest Addendum

Tax Information

IRS Letter of Determination

2014 – Form 990-N

2015 – Form 990-N

2016 – Form 990-N

2017 – Form 990-N

2018 – Form 990-N